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Little Citizens, Big Issues

by Tim Vance
on November 21, 2014

Here at DC Action for Children, we recognize the power of data, when presented clearly and creatively, to shape the conversations we have about the well-being of children in Washington, DC.

by Shana Bartley
on November 14, 2014

In 1990, our city faced a variety of challenges—many of which we’ve been able to address and some we’ve be able to overcome. Over the years, the city has grown more cosmopolitan with emphasis on maintaining our thriving economy. However, despite our laudable accomplishments in the city like reductions in crime and increases in development, our successes have not benefitted everyone and one statistic grows worse—the proportion of children in poverty.

by Shana Bartley
on November 12, 2014

60% of low-income parents with young children lack full-time employment; integrated approaches are necessary to break the cycle of poverty.

by HyeSook Chung
on November 7, 2014

Today's blog features the newest publication from our partners DC Behavioral Health Association.

by Rebecca Kellett
on November 5, 2014

Highlights magazine, a fun and educational magazine for children, just released their annual State of the Kid report, a publication that provides insight into the minds of America’s children. The 2014 State of the Kid presents the results of a survey sent out to children ages 6-12 all across the country.

by Shana Bartley
on November 4, 2014

Today is Election Day. A couple of weeks ago, our executive director, HyeSook Chung, shared some interesting statistics about voter turnout. To sum things up—it was not spectacular in this year’s primary. Citywide, less than a third of registered voters cast a ballot in April—pales in comparison to 2012 General Election where 60% of voters ensured their voices were heard. While these numbers suggest voter turnout for today’s election may be low, I’m hope it won’t be.

Turnout the Vote for Children!

by HyeSook Chung
on October 30, 2014

Directly from DataKind's blog.....

DataKind Founder and Executive Director Jake Porway has been hosting the IBM Insight conference this week, talking about the latest trends, exciting announcements and, of course, taking multiple selfies for good measure.

by Shana Bartley
on October 29, 2014

DC needs long-term strategies if we want to address infant mortality and promote health equity.

by HyeSook Chung
on October 29, 2014

This blog is part one of a four-part series on big data analytics and the potential impact of our business model. In this first blog, I answer two critical questions: (1) what is big data? And (2) why is big data analytics important for our work?