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Education in the District varies from neighborhood to neighborhood. Our goal is to bridge the gap that exists so that all children are positioned on equal foundations in order to achieve both inside and outside of the classroom.

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Quality Child Care Crucial to Growth

With thousands of families living below the poverty line, affordable and quality child care is critical to ensure positive growth

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Giving Hispanic Students in the District a Chance to Succeed from the Start

 Around the country, growing participation in early childhood education seems to be leaving Hispanic children behind; Hispanic children are considerably less likely to be enrolled in an early childhood program than their white or African-American peers.

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Attendance in DC Public Schools: 2012-2013

Absenteesim is extremely high in DC public and charter schools: 1 in 5 DC students had more than ten unexcused absences last year.

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Attendance in DC Public Charter Schools: 2012-2013

Chronic absenteeism increases achievement gaps because students from disadvantaged backgrounds with high absenteeism are more likely to fall behind academically.

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