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This past weekend, many of us celebrated Father’s Day, and though the relationships children have with their fathers are all very different, research over the years has shown that this relationship really matters. Children with positive father-child interactions are more likely to regularly attend school, not repeat a grade and achieve a diploma/GED[1]. Additionally, this relationship reduces… Read more
Proposed Federal Cuts Jeopardize D.C.’s Monumental Gains in Children’s Health Care Coverage   Just 2 percent of D.C. children lack health insurance; Leaders must protect against rolling back access to health coverage   ​   District of Columbia, June 13, 2017 — Backed by strong federal policies and an unyielding local commitment to improving children’s health, 98 percent of children in the… Read more
April was Child Abuse and Neglect Awareness Month, and with May in full swing, we are now recognizing National Foster Care Month. It’s a time for us to collectively focus our attention and efforts on the year-round needs of DC children in foster care, and to celebrate the critical loving and supportive role that foster parents play in their lives. Though foster care is a community responsibility… Read more
During the month of April, DC Action for Children joined District agencies and other partner organizations in celebrating the “Month of the Young Child.” The “Month of the Young Child” not only emphasizes the importance of early care and education for the well-being of children, but also highlights the important role that educators and families play in the lives of our youngest residents.  … Read more
Washington, DC – April 18, 2017 – The new Ward Snapshots released today by DC Action for Children reveal growing prosperity throughout the District for a number of families, but not all. The data presented in these Snapshots share improvements while also highlighting resource disparities and barriers to opportunity that many DC children and their families continue to face.   With the Fiscal… Read more

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