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Over the last month, DC has been in the national spotlight – a new President is in the White House, consistent protests are taking place at the Capitol, uncertainty looms for many federal agencies and, most recently, uproar surrounds many Cabinet nominations.   In a time of spotlight and commotion, it’s all the more important to step back and refocus. DC is not just the Nation’s Capital – it’s… Read more
How are children in DC faring?  How many children live in Petworth? What's the median income in Deanwood? How many children under 5 live in the Edgewood cluster? You've got questions, our Data Tool has answers. Here at DC Action, we are committed to tracking the most up-to-date indicators that shed light onto the well-being of children and families who call the District home. We worked with … Read more
Washington, DC – December 21, 2016 – Mayor Muriel Bowser appointed DC Action’s executive director, HyeSook Chung, as the new Deputy Mayor of Health and Human Services on Monday, December 19, 2016.   The board of directors commends Chung for her leadership and contributions over the past seven years. During Chung’s tenure she created innovative partnerships and built DC Action’s reputation as a… Read more
Yesterday the Census Bureau released its latest five-year block of data and, as DC Action has previously identified, the District’s resident profile is changing. We’re not only becoming a more densely populated city, but our city is also diversifying. As an organization that focuses on the well-being of its youngest citizens, we’re excited to see that children are becoming a more prominent part… Read more
One of the primary goals of the Quality Improvement Network (QIN) systems evaluation is to provide timely and actionable data and analysis to support the QIN in its development and evolution. To this end, DC Action for Children (DC Action) produced a mid-year report for The BUILD Initiative to review at the midpoint of the evaluation’s first year. The report provides an analysis of the findings… Read more
Research from a range of disciplines provides compelling evidence linking the importance of student health with academic performance: when students are healthy, they are better learners. Since all children are required to attend school starting at age five, school health providers are in a unique position to regularly and consistently support student health. The District of Columbia Department of… Read more

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