DC Action for Children is a nonprofit, nonpartisan child and youth advocacy organization dedicated to using research, data, and a lens toward race equity to break down barriers that stand in the way of all kids reaching their full potential.

DC Action is the home of DC KIDS COUNT, the primary source for data on conditions and outcomes for kids’ well-being. We also Chair the Under 3 DC campaign, the DC Out-of-School Time Coalition, and the DC Home Visiting Council.

DC Action's collaborative advocacy campaigns empower young people and all residents to raise their voices to create change.

What's New?

Why our work is even more urgent today

The Foundation for Child Development released its annual Child and Youth Well-Being Index today, revealing that the rate of children living in poverty across the country has hit 22%, its highest point in nearly two decades.It's hard to accept, though not so hard to believe given the Great Recession, that more children are living in poverty today than when DC...

European child care study cites long-term social benefits for infants and toddlers

Last month, the National Institutes of Health released results from the longest-running and most comprehensive study of child care in the United States, linking the quality of care infants and toddlers receive to their academic achievement and behavior in adolescence. According to the study, children who received lower-quality child care exhibited a greater propensity toward impulsiveness and risk-taking at age...

Books: Don't call them clutter

TV design shows and magazines (my personal weakness) have made me increasingly allergic to clutter around the house. Still, I've always felt that part of what makes a house a home are the books that fill it--bound slices of life afar and ancient, memoirs, fiction and fantasy. And the latest research shows, despite the heralds of technology, the book is...

Welcome to our new site!

Welcome to all of you visiting our new site for the first time--we're delighted to have you!For more background on DC Action for Children, you may want to read some of our earlier posts. A good place to start is this welcome post and introduction from our new Executive Director, HyeSook Chung. And here's another post that describes our priorities...

ESEA: Leaving the littlest children behind

The good news is that Congress is finally focusing on reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Schools Act (ESEA) to boost student achievement and ensure that more go on to college. The bad news is that the administration's blueprint for rewriting the law formerly known as No Child Left Behind in fact leaves many children behind by leaving out Pre-K.Luckily...

What’s going on inside that tiny brain?

As a mother of a one-year-old daughter, I don’t know how many times I’ve asked myself that question.But now it's actually possible to peek inside the brains of babies--and see when and how things click--thanks to a new brain-scanning device created by researchers at the University of Washington's Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences.The scanner is the brainchild of Andrew...

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