Could you feed your family on $8 a day?

Nearly 66,000 families in D.C. receive food stamps through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) every month -- about half of those benefits go to children. Without food stamps, vulnerable children are at serious risk of hunger and malnutrition. Of all the safety-net programs out there, none are more vital than SNAP, which literally puts food on the table.

Now the U.S. House has passed a budget resolution that seeks to change the structure of SNAP and drastically cut its funding. Currently, SNAP benefits are broadly available to families who need them with no time limit. If approved, this change would give states the ability to seriously roll back SNAP benefits by allowing them to write their own rules.  

DC Action just signed on to this open letter from our partners at the Food Resource Action Center to tell Congress to preserve the SNAP program as it is. Please join us by signing on today. This is the last day to sign on.

This is part of a troubling trend to limit government spending at the expense of America's poorest families. We need to help families become self-sufficient, but if children go hungry it is not a matter of personal responsibility -- it is mark on our collective conscience.  

In D.C., SNAP benefit checks are among the lowest in the nation, despite our high cost of living, an average of $247 per family per month, or $8.23 a day. With TANF and other safety net programs being drastically limited in the District, what do we expect parents to do to feed their families? We need to stop this tide before it gets much worse.