The Inauguration of Early Education (In the White House)

As DC rumbles with excitement over the Presidential Inauguration today, I was particularly excited to see this article in the Huffington Post about the White House considering plans to create universal pre-K for four-year-olds from low- and some middle-income families.

As we learned from our data snapshot released in the fall, research shows how important positive early learning experiences are for young children, and how quality child care and education programs greatly impact the outcomes of a child’s life.

Increasing the availability of quality early care and education programs will:

• Ensure young children start kindergarten ready to learn.
• Reduce the achievement gap that begins as early as infancy.
• Support working parents, particularly those in low-income families.
• Strengthen economic vitality by building the foundation for future workforce productivity.
• Reduce costs that can occur later in life if children’s needs are not met during their formative years.

I’m thrilled to see conversations on early education and children moving forward and hopeful that the White House can implement reforms that prioritize children.

What do you think? In the next four years, will early education be prioritized on the President’s agenda?

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