One in Four DC Children and Youth Live in Neighborhoods with No Library

Nearly 26,000 (26%) DC children and youth live in a neighborhood without a library. About one-quarter of them (more than 6,000 children) live in just two of the neighborhoods: Edgewood/Bloomingdale/Truxton Circle/Eckington and Ivy City/Arboretum/Trinidad/Carver Langston. More than one-third (16 of 39) of DC’s neighborhoods do not have even one library.

Why does this matter? Libraries play a major role in fostering literacy, particularly for preschool and elementary school children. Public libraries can expose children to meaningful language opportunities that experts say are crucial to reading achievement. Public libraries also offer critical intergenerational and interagency programs intended to educate not only children but also their parents and caregivers.

Where are DC’s other neighborhoods without libraries? Visit our 2012 DC KIDS COUNT e-Databook for an interactive map, plus more information about this and other neighborhood conditions for DC children. And tune in next Friday for another look into our numbers.

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