The status quo isn't working for #DCKIDS

Letter from the Executive Director


Dear Friend,

Today kicks off the first day of the Performance Oversight and Budget Season at the Wilson Building. Over the next four months, DC Action will testify at both agency performance oversight and budget hearings in order to ensure that the interests of all DC children and their families are 1) heard, 2) prioritized and 3) funded.

We will call on DC leaders to commit to addressing the following realities in DC:

  • Children under age 5 represent one of the fastest growing demographics in the city over the last decade. Over 1/3 of the child population in the District is under age 5.
  • Racial inequities in income and wealth persist – for DC households, median family income ranges from $40,500 for black families to $122,500 for white families. Since 2011, median family incomes have increased across all races except for Black and American Indian/Alaskan Native households.
  • Maternal and infant mortality rates in DC continue to be some of the highest in the nation.
  • Quality early care and education opportunities – that set children up to succeed in school and beyond – are inaccessible and unaffordable for too many DC families.

In short, the status quo isn’t working, and we need to rethink our strategies and investments by creating and strengthening systems designed to eliminate disparities and achieve results.

As the DC Council and Mayor's office set the course for the next fiscal year, we have also set our 2018 Policy Priorities. We push for results and racial equity to ensure that systems in the District serve all 120,000 children that call our city home.

The team and I invite you to follow us and join in our calls for greater investment and support for #DCKIDS and families. You can keep up with our progress by following our blog and connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter.

With gratitude,




2/12 Department of Health Performance Oversight Hearing

2/21 Child and Family Services Performance Oversight Hearing 

2/23 Department of Health Care Finance Performance Oversight Hearing

2/27 Office of the State Superintendent of Education Performance Oversight Hearing



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  First, DC Council committees will review each agency's performance over the last fiscal year. Then, in the beginning of spring, the Mayor will release a proposed budget for fiscal year 2019 that will demonstrate her vision for the city; subsequently, the DC Council will review and hold hearings on each government agency’s proposed budget to obtain additional public feedback.