Learning begins at a very young age and continues throughout the lifespan. We work to eliminate opportunity gaps and guarantee all students access high-quality programs and schools that meet their individual needs.


Our Priorities

To reach these goals, we are focused on advancing:

- Early Care and Education

- Early Literacy

- Regular School Attendance

- Special Education

- 3rd Grade Reading Proficiency


To learn more about education outcomes in DC, please visit the KIDS COUNT Data Center.



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Gaps Still Evident in Third Grade Reading Proficiency

A growing body of research indicates that achieving proficiency in reading by the end of third grade is one of the best predictors of later academic succcess.


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Giving Hispanic Students in the District a Chance to Succeed from the Start

Around the country, growing participation in early childhood education seems to be leaving Hispanic children behind; Hispanic children are considerably less likely to be enrolled in an early childhood program than their white or African-American peers.

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Quality Child Care Crucial to Growth

With thousands of families living below the poverty line, affordable and quality child care is critical to ensure positive growth.

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Attendance in DC Public Schools: 2012-2013

Absenteesim is extremely high in DC public and charter schools: 1 in 5 DC students had more than ten unexcused absences last year.

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Attendance in DC Public Charter Schools: 2012-2013

Chronic absenteeism increases achievement gaps because students from disadvantaged backgrounds with high absenteeism are more likely to fall behind academically.

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